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Cars and Coffee at Autozone 14 and Woodward Ave.

Detroit's favorite local weekly car gathering!
For a few hours early every Saturday morning, folks informally gather on historic "Woodward Avenue" to share their automotive passion over some good (free) coffee and breakfast "delights".
The show runs from 8:00am to around 11:00am'ish during the Spring, Summer and late Fall weekends in Michigan.
  1. 930 turbo 1
  2. AAT roadster 1
  3. bmw 2002 1
  4. DeTomasso Pantera 1
  5. ford GT 1
  6. This is the new Lancia badged Chrysler 300C. Odd, and interesting things show up at this cars and coffee meet.
  7. Jaguar XJR cab
  8. ferrari GTC 4 1
  9. This was Ken Lingenfelter's first Ferrari, now enjoyed by somebody new.
  10. Lingenfelter Retrokits 3
  11. Lingenfelter Retrokits 2
  12. Lingenfelter Retrokits 1
  13. royal bobcat Pontiac 1
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