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Thread: ported fast 102 vs ported ls6

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    Default ported fast 102 vs ported ls6


    My 02 Firehawk trans am has 241 heads, ls6 intake and throttle body that were all ported and polished by your company a few years back.

    I believe I am developing a small head gasket leak so when I pull the heads I was considering sending the heads back to you to have them looked over to ensure nothing is warped/cracked. While they were there I was wondering if you could port/polish a fast 102 intake/throttle body to match the heads again.

    I am wondering if I would see any considerable gains over the ls6 as well as what the prices would be? Should I buy a fast intake and send in with heads, or buy from you? Or is the fast 102 overkill for ported 241 heads?

    I am running a comp cam 228R 112. Car is a m6, last dyno run was 434 rwhp/ 421rwtq

    Should I consider running a larger cam if I go with the fast 102?

    I am just trying to figure out what the best combo to match with the heads that I can.

    Thanks for your time and any advice you can give me.

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    I could be way, way off, but I would think a 102mm TB would be way too big for a naturally aspirated 5.7. The LSA and LS9 only run 87mm for 6.2L Supercharged and 556 and 638hp respectively. And going to a ported 90mm only makes about 6hp, so I would think going bigger then that would make nothing, and possibly hurt power due to a lack of velocity.

    I'm sure Tim will set me straight if I'm wrong.

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