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Thread: Constant blue smoke from exhaust on C5 TT:

  1. Default Constant blue smoke from exhaust on C5 TT:

    After having some minor (belts) work done on my '02 Z06 Stage I TT, it started to have blue smoke coming out of the exhaust. This was after a cold start as well as after it was running for a while. On a normal car, I would think that it needs a compression test as well as a leakdown test, but it's a turbo car... So if in the case that it needs valve seals, head gaskets, and even piston rings, what other parts do I need to consider getting...and what else could be wrong? Also, the shop that the car is at said that the belt required on the car is larger than what normally goes on a C5Z; what belt do you guys normally use in the TT builds?

    On an added note, I've been having high oil pressure for quite some time now (I run 6 quarts of oil), and have noticed a milky residue once on the oil cap during a change (nothing within the oill being drained), what I thought was a sign of contamination. I haven't seen any of the sort lately, on the cap nor on the dipstick.
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