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Thread: ZL1 At the track!

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    Default ZL1 At the track!

    Had a chance to run the ZL1 at the track! We will be back soon to get that 10 second slip!

    LPE modified ZL1 Camaro with 2.38" 10 bolt pulley and hub, ported SC front cover and throttle body, LPE custom air intake, increased volume intercooler reservoir, 63 lbs/hr injectors, VP109 race gas, race gas calibration, Nitto NTO5R 305/45R18 rear tires and 17" front skinnies on CCW drag-pack wheels. Stock exhaust manifolds, catalysts and mufflers.

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    was that an 11.03?

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    Quote Originally Posted by peterg22000 View Post
    was that an 11.03?
    Sure was !

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