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Thread: Jeff, do you have injector directions?

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    Default Jeff, do you have injector directions?

    Picked up a set of 1000cc Bosch, got my tune updated, just can't find a How To anyplace on changing the things. Can't really tell if I need to pull the intercooler to remove the rail, and my Helms manual hasn't gotten here yet. Do you have instructions for the swap, or at least fuel rail removal on the Gen 2 CTS-V?


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    Yes you will have to remove the heat exchanger to get to everything you need. You will not have to remove the complete supercharger.

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    Damn. So much for my easy swap. That means the strut brace needs to come off too. Wonder why the dealer only quoted 2 hours labor? Seems like it'll take at least twice that.

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    Its not too awful bad, as its just the top portion of the supercharger. As far as time goes, 2-3 hours seems appropriate for this.

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    We just did the injectors. Didn't have to pull the intercooler. Only took about an hour and 10 minutes to do the whole job for 2 people. :)

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