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Thread: Gains from ZR1 cam?

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    Default Gains from ZR1 cam?

    Are the gains from an LS9 cam significant on the LSA? Is it worth tearing down the motor, or is it wiser to go with the GT9? What about the matched LS9 springs? Worth it, or go with the Comp 26918s? Do the stock LSA retainers fit either one? Being able to do the cam and valve springs for $200 is really tempting, but with the cost of labor, I only wanna do it once. I'm not expecting the 68hp I got on my Jeep, but with the LSA having a tiny stock cam, I'd like to see at least 25-30, biased closer to the midrange and top end where its usable.

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    Hi Mike,

    The GT9 would be a much better choice if you are going to go to all of the time and labor. With the GT9, you will want to go to a nice spring kit such as the Comp 921 kit that we offer.

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