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Thread: Corsa Exhaust and American Racing Headers for CTS-V 700+

  1. Default Corsa Exhaust and American Racing Headers for CTS-V 700+

    I noticed on your (tempting) 700+ kit for the LSA '09-'12 CTS-V, it appears to use the factory headers (super-restrictive) and exhaust. Have you tuned a car with the Corsa exhaust and AR headers you offer on your site, and if so, what sort of power gains were there-or could there be, and do you offer that as a package upgrade option with the 700+ kit?

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    Hi Al,

    Thanks for posting, and considering our 700+ horsepower kit. Although the CTSV manifolds may appear restrictive, they are not as bad as one would think. When switching out the exhaust, you increase engine efficiency, and lose supercharger efficiency, and you will remain nearly in the same ballpark when it comes to power. Lingenfelter does not recommend altering the factory emissions system for legal reasons as well. The factory catalyst on the CTSV is a very high quality catalyst, and by going with aftermarket catalysts also presents other issues further down the road. In a nutshell, we recommend against the long tube headers at the 700+ horsepower level.


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    Got it. Makes sense.

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    Really? One of the manufacturers, I believe it may have been American Racing Headers, said the CTS-Vs manifolds were among the worst they've even seen.

    EDIT: Yep, its ARH. "Designed to free up some serious HP by eliminating what's arguably one of the most restrictive factory exhaust systems ever". I know theres a point in the piping where its crushed down badly. Wonder if thats what they mean? Many cat-backs don't replace that (Corsa, etc) and the headers come with a new X-pipe, so it could be.
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    With exhaust manifold design only in mind, you can come to this conclusion. When GM spends millions of dollars on R&D on the complete engine as a whole, from air inlet to the exit of the exhaust system, there is more to the grand scheme of things.

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    Yeah, but don't forget GM limited this motor badly on the intake side, so it would make sense for them to do the same on the exhaust side. Plus they had to meet sound requirements for a luxury car that we don't have to. They tuned out all the supercharger whine, and purposely didn't give us a dual mode exhaust because of that.

    And my last argument, ARH is showing 26hp on thier dyno sheet from just the headers and X-pipe. Thats a pretty big gain, the difference between the CTS-V and ZL1. Is it possible that the ZL1s extra power cames from better intake and exhaust breathing?

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    A little better exhaust and a better cam is where I believe that is coming from.

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