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Thread: Forum skins ? any admin ?

  1. Default Forum skins ? any admin ?

    Cant find any other section for this

    I had previously set my skin to a light coloured screen. Strangely when I signed in now I had to log in again and it's back to the old black screen ?
    I cant seem to change the background back to the light coloured screen ?

    I have issues reading light text on a black background, it really messes up my eyes.

    Has the option been removed or something ?
    9.85 @ 145mph
    382ci, V7 YSi work in progress.

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    Hello, you should be able to select vB4 Default which will give you a nice white background. Please let me know if you need anything else. Thanks

  3. Default

    Thanks Tim, when I posted that option wasnt there anymore. Although it is there now. Screen nice and clear.


    9.85 @ 145mph
    382ci, V7 YSi work in progress.

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