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Thread: Lingenfelter Wallpaper Wednesday!

  1. Default Lingenfelter Wallpaper Wednesday!

    Here you will find images, and links to the 1080x1920 desktop wallpapers we've been releasing weekly on our our Facebook page

    Prototype Lingenfelter 455 L-TA

    First 5th Gen Camaro in the 8's

    Watch the Lingenfelter Black Pig Camaro run 8.78!

    Lingenfelter modified 710 HP ZR1

    Lingenfelter Signature Series Coupe in matt finish by Wanda Paint

    Lingenfelter ZL1 "Engine Packages" photo

    Lingenfelter Signature Series Camaro Convertible

    Lingenfelter Crate Motor LSx Call (260) 724-2552 for more details

    Lingenfelter Signature Series Camaro

    Stay tuned for future updates every Wednesday!
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    Lingenfelter upgraded Camaro ZL1

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    Lingenfelter L28 Camaro Featuring our 681 HP Crate 427, Pedders Suspension, Brembo Brakes and Danny Popp driving!

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    Watch the ZL1 top 200 MPH in the video here. http://tinyurl.com/bltrlzq

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    Watch the Flat Plane Crank turbo LSx Camaro run 8.31 in the video below!

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    Lingenfelter built 417 Cubic Inch LS3 and GT20 Camshaft

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