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Thread: Changing Lingenfelter CAI Air Filter

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    Default Changing Lingenfelter CAI Air Filter

    I decided that my CAI air filter needed to be changed; I had purchased a spare so that I could do the job, then clean the old one. This task was a pain in the rear! Removing those push pins from underneath is more of a braille approach, but the worst part was putting the hump hose back on the throttle body. I really needed a second person to support the air box while I pushed the hose over the throttle body, but I only had myself. Of course you cannot see the underside of the throttle body until you think you have the hose on straight and can take your hands off. It is hard to tighten a hose clamp with one hand while holding the assembly onto the throttle body with two hands! I am not very pleased about the design of this CAI filter replacement.....

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    Sorry you had trouble re-assembling our CAI , It is definately a tight fit as we maintain the maximum area for the air bridge over the top of the radiator. Try using a hook tool next time to slip the coupler on to the throttle bodies bottom side next time.

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    Brent, What is a hook tool?

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    How often should you clean/change the filter?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 66biskwik View Post
    How often should you clean/change the filter?
    No set number, you have to look at the dirt loading and decide. I went about 8,000 miles and it was still pretty clean. I changed it on principle.

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    Sorry I missed your earlier post, A hook tool is a screw driver handle attached to a rod that is bent 90 degrees on the end and comes to a point .

    As seen here.

    You can get it under the coupler and slide it on much easier.

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    Yes that would have worked nicely!

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