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Thread: query on specifics of tech/transit

  1. Wink query on specifics of tech/transit

    okay guys. 5 major things.....
    1: i am in western canada, and i think these cars are being assembled in east canada. do you folks have reputable car haulers at your disposal?
    does this company have the abaility to pickup and deliver back to factory?\
    (at a cost im sure). or would it be better to drop ship to you and get the car from you to me?

    2: can you provide the car as well, if so, do you know if us canucks are able to import said car. i wanted a teal 2ss auto.

    3: tech wise...i saw somewhere these cars have a returnless fuel system,
    one of your kits has a fuel pump booster? this overdrives stock pump?
    with the L99 having different pistons for cam phasing, this leaves a lower compression. are the kits for this model running a tad more boost to attain the 550 hp level? is this a carank or wheel rating? and what would the boost be at, 6-9 lbs?
    what are the stock injectors, and what do you upgrade to (and what is the new red line IDC (injector duty cycle). under full boost.
    does the boost bypass kick in when iat2 temp are too high? can it be configured to assist in launching? full boost takeoffs are bad on street tires.
    does lingenfelter have a drag pack released yet for the camaro?

    4: is your tune locked?????
    my needs are to run 2 tunes via HPTuners. i want a dynod 91 octane tune, as this is all we can easily get here, or 94 with ethanol. i also want a 100 octane race tune, as i buy barrels of VP103 unleaded.
    (i drag race a 1400 ninja, and my tuner -- blown with alcohol inj./nitrous 4 cyl.)
    what is the elevation at lingenfellter? i am at 2200 ft. need to know for AFR. also what afr do you run WOT? what EGT numbers will show? lotsa cyl pressure for unforged pistons,
    i assume there will be no more room for power or other power adders without forged internals.

    5: your 3 year warranty is you product only, i assume this doesnt cover the motor......????

    i promise to conjure up more questions shortly. thanks in advance for some great answers.

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    US GM dealers are not allowed to sell new cars to non US residents so you would need to buy in Canada. It would be less expensive to have your car drop shipped to the GM dealer here which is Courtesy Motors 260 724 8525. The contact at Courtesy would be Tom Rash. After the package is complete we have several different choices on transport. Depending on where you are in Canada it is normally a better option to arrange to drop the car on the US side of the boarder. If you wanted direct transport into Canada that could be arranged also but its more expensive.

    The 550 horsepower is rated at the crankshaft. All power figures on the web site are crankshaft number unless otherwise noted.

    The Camaro does use a non-returning fuel system. The supercharger system uses a voltage booster to run higher fuel volume under boost. The Camaro uses the LS3, LS7 injectors rated at 5.26 gms per second at 400 kpa or 42 lbs per hour at 58 psi. The supercharger system comes with larger injectors our prototype kits have LS9 injectors. We target 85% maximum duty cycle for the injectors. The LS3 redline is 6,600 RPM.

    The boost by pass is unrelated to the IAT. The Camaro system does not have IAT2. The BBP is designed to make the car drive better and not have detonation under low RPM heavy load conditions by locking out the bypass until the engine reaches 1,800 RPM. We do offer a LPE launch controller but it should not be used with catalysts so its for race cars only.

    We do not lock our PCMs and we tune cars based on the fuel the customer has available so in your case we would tune on 91 octane. If you want to run the car on 100 octane fuel and retune the PCM yourself after you get the car home that is fine but it would void the LPE warranty. We are at 672 ft above sea level.

    In this case we would target 11.5 AFR @ WOT and for these power levels we have not seen any issues with stock engine components pistons or otherwise. Lingenfelter first ran the TVS series supercharger in May of 2007 during development testing. The last time I counted (in 2007) we had installed over 350 Magnuson supercharger systems starting in May of 2001. We have had excellent reliability from this combination and have no issues with durability over time.

    The Lingenfelter 3/36 warranty is on the engine and supercharger and is self funded. This is not the same one offered through a third party insurance company that some other shops offer.

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    i figured you cant sell to me here until its in someone elses name for 6 months. i have a florida address, but am not a dual citizen yet.....rats.
    i am a little dissapointed about the dual tune idea, as i like to take my toys to the track a few friday night street legals per year.

    tom, i really appreciate your quick response and precise answers to my tech questions. my dealer tells me i have to wait 2-3 months for a car, so whats the timeline on your end. i know your site says 2 wks with appt......how long to get an appt.? heh.
    agreed 11.5 afr is safe blown, some ppl try and see 12.5.
    at my elevation, i will richen up some, too bad i cant tweak that stuff without void......

    okay, next question, do you sell a parts only package then, with canned tune? obviously w/o warranty.
    lastly, about the lesser compression of a l99, same pulley as Ls3?

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