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Thread: Ticking Noise

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    My car was recently at LPE with a loss of power issue related to a defective turbo which was repaired but I also had a ticking noise which over the past year or so had been getting louder.

    I asked that it be looked in to but never received word on it. It sounds like a potential lifter problem but can't say for sure. The springs were removed and checked for proper tension and part number but unless the issue is with either the lifters or rocker arms, I'm not sure where to look. The motor has approximately 25 thousand miles on it.

    As such I don't feel comfortable planning any of my long road trips this year.

    Any ideas?

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    I would check to see if you do not have an exhaust leak before replacing the lifters. this can be just as loud and sound like a lifter ticking. if it is actuall lifter noise and your running mobile one oil i would try to switch to like a royal purple oil or something to see if it helps quite it down. ive never been real impressed with the mobile one oils.

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    I was told to use Mobile 1 15-50 which I have used the past 5 years and have changed out every 3000 miles without fail so I'm sure thats not the issue.

    I suppose it could be a small exhaust leak in the engine compartment somewhere. I'll keep my ear on it this summer to see if it gets any louder or not.



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    I agree that you should check for an exhaust leak first as morepower is correct that it can sound like a lifter going. It could be as simple as a header bolt loosened or a gasket went bad. In my case I had a poor quality set of exhaust manifolds that caused me to think there was a lifter issue. The manifold for the right bank had very poor welds that developed pin holes. I had a new set of quality headers installed and the noise went a way.

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    Final out come?
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    Small exhaust leak; fixed.

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    I have a 2002 Z06 with only 7500 miles and found that gummy injectors will also cause a ticking sound. Put a jug of Seafoam in and cured the problem. Glad I tried this before adjusting the rockers.

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