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Thread: It's almost done!!!

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    Talking It's almost done!!!

    Well it's been about 10 weeks, and my car is almost done. It seams like a long time but ther was alot done. A quick list of the build, rebuild short block, zr1cam, ported heads, tvs2300 s/c package, modifide s/c base and throttle body, h-d rebuild of auto trans, and 6 point roll cage, and a few other goodies. Hoping to see somewhere around 550-575 rwhp if not more. Lol. Can't waite to get it back, hope to have it by the end of the month. Will post dyno numbers as soon as I hear. Looking forward to getting it!!!

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    Talking Dyno numbers are in!!

    Dyno numbers are in!! 05 coupe ls2 tvs2300 s/c package!
    From the mustang dyno- 547rwhp & 484rwtq at 10psi boost with a 3.9 pulley. Everything is done just waiting on hood and coile covers to get back from paint. Will post pics when the car gets home, hopfully it will be soon. Lol

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    Way cool!

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    Default Update!

    well the car is DONE!! The team at LPE finished up everything late last week. Ryan sent me a few pics so I could check it out, looks great. Car is all ready to be shiped. We ran into a little problem with return shipping, no one was available at this time to return the car. Set up shipping through passport transport earler this week, hopping it gets picked up around the first of the week. Just knowing that the car is done and awaiting shipment I'm starting to go crazy with excitment. Can't Waite to here it's on it's way. Lol. Pics to come as soon as the car gets home. I hope it's soon!! Lol

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