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Thread: Any plans for a LS1 camaro supercharger?

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    Default Any plans for a LS1 camaro supercharger?

    Hey Guys,
    I'm liking the new e-force corvette superchargers, it looks like a good fitting and performing package. Y'all have any plans to make one for LS1 camaros? I know there is a maggie kit out there but notching the cowl doesn't appeal to me all that much. Maybe the e-force style set up has more clearance?
    Brian Peck

    1999 Hugger Orange SS A4 with the LPE top end kit .

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    Hi Brian,

    Thank you for contacting us! We currently have a car that we are working with to see if we can package and offer this. If you don't mind, shoot me an email with your contact info, and I will be sure to contact you direct when we get the answers we are looking for.

    thanks again!


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