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    Dear LPE engineers

    as some of you might know i own a 2002 Z06 with what was a twin turbo 55hp package , or a stage 1 package.

    now after owning the car for the last 4 years and after upgrading the motor to a forged motor and the turbos to GT3076 turbos , i have been facing some problems with supplying the fuel for this motor , it is now running 800WHP at 19PSI race fuel C16 with a BOCHE 044 intank pump and a BOCHE 044 in line tank , but they are not lasting to long (fuel pumps) they last about 4 to 5 months max and then i need to change them , do you have a recommendation on a certain fuel system i should buy , or can you supply me with a fuel system that can satisfy my fueling needs , please keep in mined that i am still running a 347CI LS6 motor , but i am planning to soon upgrade to a either a 376CI LSX or a 427LSX for the quest for more power.

    please your help is highly appreciated

    thanks and best regards

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    Default Aeromotive C5 Corvette Intank Fuel Pump Supports 1,400 HP

    For a 2003 1/2 and newer Corvette applications the Aeromotive C5 Corvette fuel pump module is available in two versions. AER18670 pump up to 1,000 HP at the flywheel and the AER18671 which is rated at 1,400 at the flywheel.

    Because yours is a 2002 Corvette the Aeromotive would not be a drop in pump. We are currently working with an different pump that would be a good fit for your application. We should have more information on this pump in a few weeks after we get a car here back together and running.

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    thnaks for your feedback Tim , you guys are the best and good luck

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