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Thread: New Member, New Questions!

  1. Question New Member, New Questions!

    Hi! My name's Devin - and I recently purchased a 2010 Corvette Grand Sport. It's my dream car, and as stoked as I am when I browse the net I find myself having a hard time locating parts/support for that particular model.

    Basically, what I'm looking to do is make her into a 650hp/~600ħtq daily driver (on pump gas, premium obviously, and probably loaded out with an octane boosting additive). I'm new to working on new cars (a gearhead for cars without a computer and 350ci of chevy heh).

    I noticed Lingenfelter offers up a package around what I'm looking for (I'm not particularly greedy for power, though I definitely wouldn't mind spunkin' her up). But I'm curious too about what all it would take as the car's in Texas and I'm Navy so I get deployed frequently. The package is a little cost heavy, but with the Lingenfelter name and reputation for excellence backing it up - it certainly seems worth it!

    I suppose what I'm getting at in the end are the following questions:

    1) If I get a Lingenfelter package, what all's required of me? Obviously turning the car over to them, but where and how - anybody here have an experience that wouldn't mind sharing what they had to do and the rough costs associated with it? [If it helps, I'm considering the supercharger - I'm not a fan of turbos]

    2) What are some good, easy to do on your own modifications I can make myself when I'm back with the car that are relatively cheap?

    3) I want to shorten the throw of the shifter, the stock 2010 GS has a Chevrolet short shifter but it still feels longer than my conventional experience with short throws. Can anyone recommend a short throw shifter that would fit the car?

    4) If I change shifters, I'll want to bypass the first-to-fourth lockout solenoid but I don't want to do anything that will make the 'check engine' light come on or pop up any other errors in the car, is there a means to do that?

    Thanks for all the help! Sorry for the long post but these newer cars and their computers just confuse the crap out of me! I'm used to doing all the work myself and never having to worry, but I think it's clear for me that with this dream machine, someone else will have to do the work in order for her to be pitch perfect.

    Anyhow, I appreciate any support/answers I can get from you guys - you're the pros and I'm definitely eager to learn!

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    Flag Lingenfelter 2010 Corvette Grand Sport Supercharger Package

    Thank you for your interest in LPE and the C6 Corvette Grand Sport packages we offer. I would suggest the 670 HP package that includes a combination of the E Force TVS2300 supercharger, Lingenfelter CNC ported cylinder heads, GT9 camshaft & will fit under the stock hood. The CNC ported heads allows us to lower the compression so we can safely run more boost plus the GT9 camshaft adds power and a really nice sound. Without lowering the compression we are limited to the standard pulley that comes in the base E Force kit that makes 600 Horsepower safely.

    To answer your question:

    We can have the car shipped from your location or you can drive it to us and fly home from the Fort Wayne Airport which is about 20 minutes from our facility. Let me know where you are located and I can get you a shipping quote for enclosed transportation.

    We do not offer a shorter throw shifter for the C6 at this time.

    The CAGS question would depend on if you live in the US and have Federal emission standards to meet.

    Any other forum members are welcome to post there thoughts and suggestions as well!

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    Excellent, thanks for the quick response Tim - I really appreciate the advice and the suggestions. Unfortunately the link to the package doesn't appear to be working (perhaps a slight error in the address?).

    As for the suggested package, 670HP definitely gets my stomach pumping haha - I also like that it can fit under the stock hood, while I quite enjoy the replacement (I believe it's.. SV3 maybe SV4?) hoods' looks - not having to change it saves me a bit of money which is always appreciated.

    As for lower compression - now we're in my territory heh. Sounds excellent too, I understand you guys replace a few original parts with higher grade, better matched ones, and that's perfectly fine with me!

    Lastly, federal emissions - yes heh, I plan to return to Texas when I get out of the Navy, so I'll be following their emissions standards. And actually, if you don't mind my messaging you I'd like to discuss it further - getting pricing and information together to assist in my decision and planning efforts. Thanks again for the excellent assistance.

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    Thanks for your service! I had my 2007 boosted by Lingenfelter and couldn't be happier. They can take care of the whole thing for you, ship it back, and you can just enjoy it.
    MGW makes a great shifter for Vettes. Also you will find a lot more information on the Corvette Forum if you have not already found it. As for engine mods, do not do anything to it after LPE does your tune so figure out what mods you want before you send it there. No point in messing with the tune that they do. I am a bit puzzled by Tim's response because they tuned out the 1-4 for me, but maybe that is a regulatory thing. PM me if you have any questions.

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