Well I have had my lingenfelter corvette for almost a year now and I love it. I still get the ear to ear grin when I get in it to go to town. I started to notice it was missing somthing? Awe yes It diddent have that old skool supercharger whine that I was use too. Well after some searching I found that the good folks at magnuson offer a rear cog drive set up that is desinged to bring back the old skool s/c whine. Well I ordered on and pit it on over the weekend and all I can say is wow! That's what I was looking for!! Here is a video of the sound.


I think it now sounds like it should!!
What dose everyone else think?
I would like to say thanks again to everyone at LPE for building me a super great car. I love it. And Ryan if you check this out I'm planning my next set of mods. My quest is 700rwhp any suggestions? Thanks again everyone!!!