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Thread: The quest for more h/p begins!!

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    Question The quest for more h/p begins!!

    Well it's been just about a year with my LPE vette and I love it!! As everyone knows modding can be like a drug once you start you can't stop. Lol. So as I currently sit with 550whp and 480wtq with LS2 TVS2300 with A4 trans. My first build goal was 550whp that was meet with outstanding results. My new goal is to be around the 650 - 700whp. My current setup is as followes-

    rebuild LS2 forged pistons, H beam rods, LS2 crank, ported heads, t/b, and s/c base,ZR1cam, KB BAP, and a few other things I might be forgetting.

    So with my current setup, what changes would have to be made to reach my new goal? Thanks for everything and I look forward to hearing back from you. Thanks again!!


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    They will probably suggest the GT9 cam.
    LPE 417 GT9 cam, ECS 2200 kit, AR headers, dual meth kit, 10.2 CR, ECS stage 1 fuel system modified by HPS with Z06 exhaust. Mild to wild switch, 3:15 gears HRE 18's 547 all around, Yank 2800 stall 771/745 to the wheels.

    07 vert A6

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