I'm new on here, so this is my first post. Anyways, I got bored a little while back and came up with an idea for an engine that I think would be interesting to see in a C6 Z, or even a Solstice roadster.

The package would be based around an LS7, but with the only major changes being to the crank and cam. The idea would be to use a 180* flatplane crankshaft (most flatplane cranks I've seen have the journals for cylinders 1 and 7 at TDC, whereas a 180* would have the journals for 1 and 5 at TDC at the same time), and a camshaft that would give it a firing order of 1-8-3-6-4-5-2-7.

Just those 2 changes, as well as the addition of low restriction exhaust and intake components, and some mild ecm tuning work, would certainly give the car a unique personality. However, it could be taken beyond that by using a larger bore block and shorter stroke crank, dry timing belt, external dry sump oiling, lightweight short travel lifters, full roller rockers, and using valvetrain components that give the best strength to weight ratio, as well some mild head porting and the addition of a high flow intake/throttle body setup.

It would likely make the car sound much like an Italian V8 or and IRL car, but with the right combination of parts it would be very rev happy and make some pretty crazy top end power.

Anyways, I think it would be interesting to see the guys at LPE take a standard LS7, use the 180* crank and appropriate cam, as well as the standard intake and exhaust mods, and a slightly lighter flywheel, and throw it in a Z06 or a Solstice.