Orange County, CA

Lingenfelter arrives in style at Barret Jackson featuring the 1955 E-ROD SEMA Pickup Truck.

The E-ROD Truck is a mating of a classic look with modern drivability and efficiency. It features the flowing lines of a 1955 Chevy Pickup that is supplied by Dynacorn and placed on a modern Trailblazer chassis. Put that together with the 5.3 Liter E-ROD V8, and you have one spectacular environmentally conscious hot rod! The Truck features a custom green paint job by Wanda Paint, with a hidden fuel filler door, a custom grill, and smoothed trim directed by Design Manager, Dave Ross.

E-Rod 5.3 Liter V8
Based on the proven and durable workhorse engine in the Chevrolet Silverado, it is GMPP’s most affordable E-ROD package. The E-ROD 5.3 is rated at 315 horsepower and 335 lb.-ft. of torque; and features camshaft phasing, which alters valve timing to help optimize performance and efficiency across the RPM band.

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