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Thread: Lingenfelter Heavy Duty Camaro SS Power Steering Pump 2010-2011

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    Default Lingenfelter Heavy Duty Camaro SS Power Steering Pump 2010-2011

    With the higher drive load caused by a supercharger the factory Camaro power steering pumps can fail prematurely because of its non-roller bearing design. To correct this issue Lingenfelter offers a high performance power steering pump that utilizes a heavy duty roller bearing assembly. The Lingenfelter heavy duty power steering pump is a direct replacement for the stock pump and features a 6 bolt pulley hub that will accept our 6 rib pulley for standard supercharger drive systems or our 10 rib pulley for higher horsepower applications. The pump is sold without a pulley, so please select the additional 6 or 10 rib pulley depending on your drive system.

    Click on the link below to view in our store.

    Lingenfelter Heavy Duty Power Steering Pump

    There is an optional low flow version for road racing applications available at this time per special order. Please contact an LPE sales rep to order this version.

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