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Thread: Why A Blackwing, Not a Vararam?

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    Default Why A Blackwing, Not a Vararam?

    Just curious,
    Why does LPE always use the Blackwing and not a Vararam.
    The blackwing has to suck in the hot air from under the hood, and the other would feed from the cooler outside.
    This is just a question,,,,,,,,,,, My car has a Magna Charger kit with Blackwing installed by LPE.

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    The typical C5 is a bottom breather. When moving, the air ingested comes from in front of the car, not the engine bay.

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    Default Blackwing

    The front of a FRC is pretty much closed off, unless you remove the front Fog lamp covers.
    So why would a Vararam not work alot better feeding the outside unmolested air?
    LPE staff, please feel free to respond.

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    Default Blackwing Air Intakes on C5 Corvette

    Lingenfelter has used the SLP Blackwing air intake on most of the C5 Corvette supercharger installs and NA engine packages we have done over the years. LPE has been very satisfied with the results and in testing we have found acceptable intake air temperatures.

    The SLP Blackwing gets its air from behind the front fascia and will get some warm air from the engine compartment when the car is stopped. Once the car is moving it reduces the temperature in the space the Blackwing draws air from.

    The C5 Corvette is designed to get all of its radiator air from underneath the car and does not require an opening in the front fascia.

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    Default Blackwing

    After reading the responses, I decided to keep the Blackwing. I have also decided to install the Icebox so the Air is from a true outside sorce. Not sure if it will be of any benifit, But I feel it can't hurt any.

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