Here is an interesting documentary about the classic American cars that have been kept in Cuba since the embargo was established in 1962. Since then, no American products have been allowed either into the country, or out. And experts agree, sitting on that small island is a treasure trove of pre-1960 vehicles that many collectors would love to own.

During a trip to Cuba John McElroy captured the story of these incredible vehicles and their owners in a short Autoline documentary called “Stuck in Time” which begins this week’s broadcast. John then follows that story with a trip to our studio with two men well steeped in the car collecting culture. McKeel Hagerty knows the value of cars like these since insuring vintage vehicles is part of his business at Hagerty Insurance. And Ken Lingenfelter of Lingenfelter Performance Engineering has been collecting classic cars for years. This week on Autoline they join John to share their thoughts on Cuba, these unique cars and whether or not they’ll ever make it off the island.
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