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Thread: 505 HP Pontiac G8 TVS MP1900 Supercharger Package Stock drivability excellent power

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    Default 505 HP Pontiac G8 TVS MP1900 Supercharger Package Stock drivability excellent power

    This is a new package is for the 2008 Pontiac G8. 505 HP MP1900 intercooled supercharger package. This package can be built and installed in about 3 weeks and right now we have a lead time of 2 weeks to get parts ready for your car. This supercharger package fits under the stock hood and includes the cold air intake and works great with stock exhaust manifolds.

    When Lingenfelter installs the Magnuson supercharger system we upgrade many components from the base Magnuson kit for better performance and reliability. Each car also gets Lingenfelter PCM programming that lets you benefit from the experience LPE has gained from installing over 350 supercharger systems since 2001 when we first started offering the Magnuson superchargers as a package.

    The 505 HP G8 TVS MP1900 Supercharger package base price is $11,525.00 and includes everything required to make 505 HP at the crankshaft. Lingenfelter also offers upgrades that can be included when we build your G8.

    Click here for more information on the G8 Lingenfelter package please --> click here
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    Hey guys,
    Don't forget to check out our new G8 coil covers!



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    Default Lingenfelter Car & Driver Pontiac G8 Article Now Online

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    Got my new Car and Driver in the mail yesterday.. nice write-up !

    If you gotta have four doors, this vehicle with the Lingenfelter upgrade is definitely something to consider.

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