One of our customers in Ukraine recently set a new East European record with his R32 GT-R with a quarter mile pass of 8.164 at 168mph! This car is not powered with a Lingenfelter engine but the drag videos were very entertaining so I wanted to share them.

Record run:

Earlier run:
R32 GTR vs EVO that ran 8.7 East European record on august 27, 2011 in Vinniza, Ukraine on regular concrete no track prep.

More videos of this car click here

0-100 km/h 1.13 sec
0-200 km/h 4.24 sec
100-200 km/h 2.85 sec
60 feet 1.31 sec
1/4 mile 8.16 sec
speed 168 mph
car power 1100-1150 hp crank
car weight 2,850 lbs