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Thread: Help-just bought a C4 with Lingnerfelter

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    Default Help-just bought a C4 with Lingnerfelter

    Newbe here. Just bought a 1986 C4 Corvette with a Lingenfelter engine. Run just fine, but I really don't know much about this engine-when it was installed-what exactly was installed, etc. I want to keep it running fine. It does not appear to be supercharged ( I have owned several supercharged vehicles before and do not see any signs of a supercharger). What should I be looking for and where for engine identification? Local Chevy dealer has no idea. I could use your help.

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    Hi Dutchtreat,

    Unfortunately, there is not much we can offer for here. That car was built back in the day before computer systems existed here at LPE and very few paper files exist here anymore. The best bet would be to get the original owners last name that built the car with us and see if we can find anything. Thanks.
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