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Thread: Time for pulley swap?

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    Default Time for pulley swap?

    How long do you guys charge for when you do a coupler and pulley swap on a Gen 2? Freaking shop is telling me that its gonna take 16 hours!!! I'm not seeing that as even remotely possible. I'm thinking maybe 4 hours, at most, unless they're planning on charging me for the time I take the snout with me to port it.

    What puller is necessary for the swap? Is it the same one as the Cobra and Lightning or the one the old Grand Prix GTPs used? Not about to have them mess up the blower with what they're going to charge me.

    Thanks guys.

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    Default CTS-V 630 HP SuperCharger Upgrade Kit Installation Price

    When LPE installs the 630 HP package we include the following:

    - 2.55 inch diameter steel supercharger drive pulley powder coated black - 8 rib
    - 8 rib serpentine belt
    - Lingenfelter LS9 solid supercharger isolator coupling
    - Lingenfelter air duct kit with LPE logo
    - K & N air filter element for stock box
    - Lingenfelter 160 degree thermostat

    This is available in kit form L250310709 $667.81 Not including the tuning which is available separately.

    When we do the complete installation at our facility we follow this procedure

    - Check in vehicle, check for existing issues & codes
    - Weld AFR meter bung into exhaust system for testing
    - Base line chassis dyno test the CTS-V
    - Remove the supercharger snout
    - Press the pulley off the shaft & press the 2.55 pulley back on
    - Drill and pin pulley to the shaft
    - Port & polish the inside of the supercharger snout
    - Reinstall supercharger snout & isolator
    - Modify the bottom of the factory air cleaner assembly*
    - Install K&N Filter & 160 degree thermostat
    - Flash the base calibration into ECM
    - Road test the vehicle & do additional tuning
    - Final tuning on chassis dyno with AFR monitoring
    - Final check out including 50+ point check of proper vehicle assembly & operation

    We charge $2,595.00 for parts and labor to do the complete installation. If you deduct the kit price that leaves a labor cost of $1,927.19.

    * In testing by LPE, the factory air box modified along with our air duct tube offers the best performance over all the aftermarket air intakes tested.

    The pulley puller we use is a modified Snap On puller but you can find several companies that offer something similar. See our instruction manual on line by clicking the link on the top nav bar of our web site.

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    Yikes! They charged me less to do a head, cam and header swap on my SRT8!

    Meh, I'll see what I can negotiate.

    The puller looks like the one I used to use when I'd do swaps on the 3800 S/C in my GTP. Where do I get that bypass actuator tool? I don't have one of those.
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