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Thread: Can I ask a stupid question?

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    Default Can I ask a stupid question?

    Whats the difference between the ATI balancer that you guys sell and the ATI balancer all their other distributors sell, besides the Lingenfelter sticker on it? Does it come with a ring? The price difference says it does, but you don't say that anywhere.

    Wondering because I'd like to get the balancer and ring at the same place, but it seems no one else is able to get the 18% and 22.5% rings.

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    Default Lingenfelter CTS-V Overdrive Harmonic Balancer

    The balancer we sell is made by ATI. We also offer the lower pulleys in 4 different sizes but they are a separate item. Ours kit includes the new crankshaft bolt & friction washer that should be changed when you install the new balancer.

    When choosing an aftermarket harmonic balancer you should be sure that the replacement balancer has adequate torsional vibration dampening. This is not the case with some of the other aftermarket balancers we have tested in the past on some of the LS1, LS6 applications.
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    Do you happen to sell that bolt seperately? I see the friction washer, but not the bolt.

    I got a deal on the ATI balancer, but still need to get the pulley and other stuff from you. Are the 18% and 22.5% pulleys LPE exclusive? The other place had no idea they even made those sizes. They just had the 5 and 10% ones.
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    Default CTS-V Crankshaft Harmonic Balancer Bolt

    Here is the link to the crankshaft bolt for the Cadillac LSA CTS-V engine


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    Thanks. Just put in the order for the 9.55, the bolt and the washer.

    Whats the A/C pulley I'm reading about? Do I need that? I already have the 50mm idler next to the crankshaft. I know I need the A/C belt, but I didn't know about the pulley.

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    BTW, the belt size in your directions is wrong. They say with the 9.55" balancer and stock upper to use a K080645. They correct one is K080690. The stock belt is 1680mm or a little over 66 inches. We're increasing the crank pulleys size, not decreasing the supercharger pulley size, so we need a bigger belt then stock.

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    Does your balancer comes in pieces too? I knew I got a deal on it, but nobody told me "Some Assembly Required", with specialty tools that nobody except ATI sells. Sears and Home Depot employees have never even heard of T40 Plus and T45 Plus bits.

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    My god, what a nightmare installing this thing was. Went in this morning to work with my "ASE Master Tech" friend putting this balancer on. I had no idea it was going to be this much work. He pulled the radiator, and pulled the tranny cooler to make space. I didn't think this was necessary, but he insisted he couldn't get the gun in the engine bay with the radiator there. Of course, he needed to get the impact gun in to zap the bolt. Then he only had a smallish puller, so getting the balancer off was horrible. Tried to put the new one on, but the balancer bolt I got from you guys was too long, so I had to have the dealer drop off a new bolt, so we could get everything aligned. Then trying to get the new A/C belt on took a good 40 minutes. Whoever cheaped out on a tensioner and decided to use a stretch fit belt should be shot! We got the accessory belt on easy enough, put on the idler pulley, balancer ring and the new LONGER blower belt. Put the radiator back in, with the tranny cooler. Then he decided it was time to go home.

    So now I gotta go back tomorrow to finish this thing. Install all the lines, put all the covers back on, refill the coolant and tranny, and throw a tune on her.

    I think it would probably be a good idea to post the directions for this install. Had I known how involved it was, I wouldn't have bothered. Or I would have at least bought a thermostat since I had to drain the coolant anyway! And probably would have just pulled the bumper and done my heat exchanger install. Now I'm dreading installing the supercharger pulley and exchanger because who knows how much trouble thats gonna be? Wish I'd had the foresight to buy injectors and do everything all at once.

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    Got it running, did a log, maxed out the injectors.

    122% injector duty cycle! How in the world did that happen with just an intake, tune and 9.55" balancer???

    I can see it already, this freaking car is gonna fight me the whole time I'm modding it. Gotta pick up a set of Bosch 1000cc injectors this week. Thinking the 850s will be cutting it too close. Stockers are 550cc x 122% = 671cc / 80% Desired duty cycle is 838.75cc. I still have the 2.38" blower pulley waiting to go on (thinking 2.55 may be a better idea), which will undoubtedly push it WAY OVER.

    Ah the life of an automotive tuner; always something going on, the modding never ends.

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