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Thread: LS3 GS Vert into LS7 w/tune

  1. Default LS3 GS Vert into LS7 w/tune

    Hello, I've been curious about the packages that show the LS3 converting into a 427. Is this an engine swap from the LS3 to LS7? I don't see a core credit from the LS3 so don't think this is the case. Anyway when I bought mine last year I really wanted it with the LS7 but of course it wasn't available until now I really like my car and the Jet Stream Blue is no longer available and no idea what the new blue will look l ike so think it is probably more cost effective to upgrade it than to trade it in for the new 427 Vert.

    Would like to get as close to 425 RWHP as possible without totally damaging the fuel efficiency since it's a daily driver. It's a manual by the way.

    But now with this new model it seems like Chevy will have all the parts in house to do the job (even though mine is a Vert without a dry-sump and no battery in rear) and you could make it a neat little package. I might want to add the Z06 brakes and make sure cooling is super (I live in South Texas!).

    Anyway just wondered what the score is and what your suggestions would be.


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    Default Lingenfelter 427 CID installation on a C6 Corvette

    When we install the Lingenfelter 427 CID engine package we buid the engine with a new LS7 block & a Callies 4340 forged steel crankshaft to obtain the 427 CID. Theres no core charge because when you do an LPE package you have the option of keeping your take off parts that are not reused as cores. This package will make 570 HP @ the crankshaft so on a manual transmission car you would see around 470-480 rwhp. We can offer a heavy duty aluminum radiator which should improve cooling issues.

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