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Thread: Best C5 LS1 Cam Package

  1. Default Best C5 LS1 Cam Package

    Ready for a hot cam setup for my 2004 LS1 6 speed coupe.
    Have a Vararam intake, Dynatech Longtubes with high flow cats, Nxstep cat back exhaust.
    There are literally hundreds of choices out there, but clearly some are far too radical for street use.
    I do not plan to drag race my C5, but do want to go Cobra hunting and just love the sound of a "hot cam" at idle.
    My motor really loves to rev and seems to be an exceptionally good performer now.
    Someday I would like to go with a ProCharger or similar setup, but money is a huge issue with that.
    Any suggestions for me.....please?????
    Brad in South Carolina

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    Default Good camshaft choice for street or daily driven LS engine

    I would suggest our GT11 camshaft L210065297 215/231 .631/.644 118.0 CL This camshaft works great in a 6 speed or automatic transmission equipped vehicle.

    If you want to hear the idle sound click here

  3. Default Thanks Tim!

    That's the exact cam I had picked out. I talked with William over at Comp Cams yesterday and we narrowed down some choices. The GT11 seems to be a great compromise for me!
    Do you have a flash tuner or programming software you recommend that will unleash the beast with this cam?
    Also, I've put together a kit with the following:
    CC26915-16 Springs
    774-16 Retainers
    623-16 Locks
    7950-16 Push Rods
    Should that about do it? Anything missing?

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