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    I'm new to this forum but have been on other forums for many years and lurked here for awhile. I hope its ok to post a pic of something John did for me when my friends and I stopped by the shop one time after the power tour years ago.
    I remember us going in to the shop and getting a tour from the guys in the office and then John came out to talk with us for awhile before a flight. He went outside in the rain and signed the leather headrest in my 89 Formula 350 even tho he knew it was making him late. He also signed a catalog for me which my aunt later framed for me and I still have.
    What a great guy every time I got to speak with him. I hope its ok to be posting this.
    Here is the catalog he signed for me. I'll have it forever. (sorry about the poor picture its in my mancave garage)
    Tony Walch

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    Great Story Tony!!! Thanks for sharing.

    Feel free to post often here in our forum!! We would love to have you back out at the shop for another visit sometime soon.

    Thanks again,

    Kristen Lingenfelter

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