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    I have a 388 LT1 with LT4 Lingenfelter worked heads. The new engine is night and day difference to my 11.70 350 C.I. LT1 that was in my 1995.

    Now the question. I have a Edelbrock ProFlo XT. Naturally it barely covers the intake ports, its made for a Gen 1 SBC, but it does and it works without leaking. It needs some aluminum added and the ports enlarged. Not a problem. I also have a SuperRam. The LT1 base does not come near covering the ports, so I cannot try it without welding it first and it will definitely be more work. Any opinions on what you would choose? I will make them both fit properly and optimally. The proper answer is whichever one works better, of course. I am not at that point yet. Don't know which intake to enlarge the ports on first since I won't be the welder. It's about which favor to ask for first.

    My 388 has an ultralight rotating assembly, 7000 RPM Hydraulic Cadillac lifters,(and gets there in a hurry) .585 lift, duration at .050 I 234 E 246, LSA 112, ICL 110, 3000 converter, many gear ratios, 3.73, 3.45, 3.07. Built 4L60. D36 and D44. Use E85 for fuel.

    I have not been to the track yet with the new engine.

    Thanks for reading

    Edited 4/2/2015. Last year I went 11.32 with my old intake. I now have a ported LT4 intake that works really well. Going to the track on 4/4.
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