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Stage I TT MAF replacement on '02 Z06

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  • Stage I TT MAF replacement on '02 Z06

    So my MAF became oil soaked and failed, even after cleaning it. Not thinking about it, I went and ordered an OEM Z06 MAF for my car, thinking that it would fit. What I didn't expect that the MAF on the custom metal LPE intake pipe (I think you guys referred to it as a cobra head) was smaller, it was also a 3-Pin.
    I found a photo with the two side-by-side:
    The Z06 MAF (just like the one ordered) on the left, the one off the right looks exactly like the one I currently have installed.

    So I've run into multiple problems with this. Should I go and source an old 3-pin, or would you carry these in stock? Should I look into getting this? Should I try and use some adapter hoses to somehow rig it to work? And if so, will going back to a 5 pin cause problems?
    And lastly, while I can disassemble the MAF just fine (it's a sandwich of 3 parts), there's a part that's stuck in the LPE metal intake pipe (cobra head) that will only come out about half way. I think there's an inner ring somewhere in there that I can't take off, or perhaps I'm using the wrong technique and there's a trick to it.
    Can anyone help?
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    That would be the 25179711 GM Mass Air Sensor. Still available through GM. The old MAF should just pull out from the silicon duct.
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      Ok, thanks. The MAF does pull out from the silicon duct, but not the cobra head (custom metal pipe from MAF to TB). Any thoughts on how to get it out besides having to disassemble the sandwiched MAF?


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        You should just need to take out the set screws and pull on it. There is an O-Ring that seals the MAF to the aluminum cobra head assembly. You might need to spay some WD40 around the O-Ring and then pull real hard.