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Returning C-6 lowered to regular height

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  • Returning C-6 lowered to regular height

    I have a C-6 Lingenfelter Vette that was lowered by the previous owner. I believe this was done with with the body bolts. I was told if there was remaining thread on the bolts, they could be tightened, which would raise the car. Otherwise, I could purchase stock bolts to replace the lowering bolts to get it back to a standard height. Does anyone have experience with this and if so, does this sound right? Any help is appreciated. I just cannot drive the car very well with it being so low to the ground. Thanks.

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    Corvette C5, C6 Delrin Leaf Spring Ride Height Adjusters 97-2013

    What you are looking for would be the leaf spring adjusters. If someone cut off the rubber section to lower it you can replace it with stock adjusters or these Delrin leaf spring adjusters that we offer. L500010197 If they only lowered it by turning the spring adjusters then you can just crank it back up to stock ride height.


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      Thanks, I'll check it out!