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Scott Wieck’s Lingenfelter Twin Turbo C6 Corvette 205.76 MPH @ Mojave Mile

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  • Scott Wieck’s Lingenfelter Twin Turbo C6 Corvette 205.76 MPH @ Mojave Mile

    This is Scott Wieck’s 2007 Lingenfelter 427 CID Twin Turbo C6 Corvette making several runs at this year’s Mojave Mile shoot out. Only two cars were faster than the Lingenfelter C6 turbo car and both of those were twin turbo ford GT's that were around 1038rwhp and ~1200rwhp. Scott also got the class win for the A2 class, This was held October 8-9 2011.

    Mojave Air and Space Port
    1434 Flightline St.
    Mojave, California 93501

    Click for photo album from the shoot out

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    great results from a great company , any details on this car regarding horse power , geering stuff like that


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      Hey guys,
      The car has a Z06 transmission gearset, 3:42 rear gear and 27.2" tall Hoosier R6's.
      The setup was good for 208.1mph in 5th at 6500rpms but power peaks and drops off after 6000rpms.

      Best dyno was 755rwhp but dyno before the race was only 696rwhp. I did find a few boost leaks so hopefully current power levels are back around 750rw. The methanol cost me about 30hp on the dyno but dropped IATs from 180degrees in 5th to 109 degrees. I didn't change the tune for the methanol so no power but I wanted to control temps for safety and timing.

      All things considered, the car ran extremely well for having small turbos and relatively low power (for the mile).



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        That's awesome. Love the video front and back.