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What oil to use? Plus Heads

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  • What oil to use? Plus Heads

    My Z06 had the 630hp LPE upgrade when I bought it, which had documentation (from LPE) that said in winters use 10W30 and summer 15W50. This being a street car that wont see track time in WA state, I called to verify that this is what I should be using. I called the tech line and the tech said if it doesn't see the track, stick with 5w30, but overnight that answer got to me since the original letter said 10w30, so I called again today and talked to a different tech and he said no track time in WA state go with 10w40, So I'm all sorts of confused now on what to use.

    I'm also still concerned about the heads. The techs have all said that I won't see any issues, and that any issues would have been addressed when they did the work to the car. My concern is that the work was done in 2007 when the LS7 didn't have known issues, and on top of that, the car was sent to LPE with a tick over 1000 miles, so I'm guessing that no issues were present. The car now has 12,500 miles.