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2006 Lingenfelter Z06 with automatic transmission issues?

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  • 2006 Lingenfelter Z06 with automatic transmission issues?

    We have a 2006 Corvette z06 lingenfelter at our chevrolet dealership that was converted to automatic transmission by Lingenfelter. After we replaced the battery and cleared codes the transmission will no longer engage. Programming issue? what do i need to do. Please help thanks

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    I also received and responded to your email. Please email me the codes that it set, and we can start diagnosing.


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      If I am Correct the car in question is a Yellow Z06 with a converted A6 Transmission. This takes custom programing of the ECM , BCM and TCM . If any of the module where replaced they will need to be recalibrated.
      If the vehicle was left without a battery or a dead battery for a extended period of time the BCM (Body Control Module ) can lose its Information and when it is Keyed up will look at the VIN and revert itself into a Manual BCM. You will have to reprogram the BCM with a GM Tech2 and tell it is in fact a A6 Transmission.

      The TCM and ECM will not lose there calibrations and as long as they were not replaced/Or Recalibrated they should not have a problem.

      As Jeff said please give us detailed description of what codes and parts were replaced.

      Hope this helps, Brent 260-724-2552 ext. 1011