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Recently purchased 2007 Z006 w/630hp upgrade and have questions

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  • Recently purchased 2007 Z006 w/630hp upgrade and have questions

    I recently purchased a 2007 Z06 that Lingenfelter did a 630hp upgrade to in 2007. I noticed in the documentation, that 93 octane is required. The car was originally in Florida but now in WA were we only have 92 octane. Would adding an octane booster like Lucas be beneficial, or do you have another recommendation? I also saw that I should use 15W50 oil in the summer. Is this still the recommendation for a weekend cruzer that will go 1000-2000 miles a year? Thanks

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    You will not see enough octane gain from any booster products to really raise the octane ratio to 93. Where are you in Washington? We might have a dealer near by that could re-tune the car on 92 octane fuel to make it right.


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      I'm in Milton 98354, which is South of Seattle


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        We have a dealer in Vancouver that does his own tuning and he can re-tune your Corvette on 92 Octane. Give Tom Wong a call.
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          Address: 9305 NE Hwy 99, Vancouver, WA 98665
          Phone:(360) 695-9433
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          Most octane boosters will only raise the octane by .1 to .2. This is even written in the labels of such products. The only octane booster that actually works is the torco 105. While they guarantee a 105 octane from 93 the real octane we measured was 99. Which is substantially better than 93.1.