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ARH-Air Raid CAI-160 stat?

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  • ARH-Air Raid CAI-160 stat?

    my first performance mods will be American Racing Headers-Air Raid CAI and a 160 stat. Can I send my ECU to LPE for a tune with these mods?
    I choose to do these first as there are no performance shops in my area I wont just trust anyone to mess with the pullys ect. I can bolt in these things myself and hopefully LPE will get me a nice but safe tune.

    Any of you guys do the mail away canned tunes with LPE? Most info I find is people on the dyno tuning them so I am kinda stuck. I also read a few people that had problems with the mail away ECU tunes but only 2 bad posts in the 4 days On the net looking,lol

    I am in Nor Cal if anyone has a shop they can recomend?

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    wow not 1 reply? I guess maybe LPE parts are not for me.

    this is just me but I was sold on LPE as the best parts to get. this post and no replys discourged me very much not even a LPE staff said hell ya we can do it send it in.
    In this case the fourm hurt sales for ya prob not gonna loose sleep over my lil purchase but maybe the next 10-20 people might effect you guys? axe the fourm or get someone to moderate and anwser silly questions it will go along way.

    I instead just bought weapon X stage 2. metco pullys, 850injectos, heat exchanger air raid, ARH, ect ect


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      I apologize that an LPE staff member did not reply to your original post. It appeared to us that you were asking other members of the general public for answers regarding their experience with mail order tunes, if they had a shop in your area that they would recommend, etc.

      Also, please keep in mind that with a forum that is just starting out (having 828 members) you may not get a bunch of responses from the general public. Please feel free to contact any of our sales staff directly if you have any questions regarding products or services.

      Thank you,