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Lingenfelter LS3, L76, LSA, LS9 Engine Installation Kit

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  • Lingenfelter LS3, L76, LSA, LS9 Engine Installation Kit

    Here is a list of Lingenfelter parts that will allow you to swap an LS3 engine into a 1997-2002 Camaro or Firebird & 2004 Pontiac GTO. These parts could also be used for L76, LSA and LS9 installs.

    GM LS3 crate engine PN 19201992

    Lingenfelter part numbers
    L480080000 (8) Uscar Injector connector kit LS2/LS7 with terminals & seals $26.80
    L460065397 (1) TRG-002 LSX Engine 58x to 24x trigger wheel conversion module 254.95
    CE-109103 (1) LS3 MAP sensor extension adapter harness 36.95

    Available on Lingenfelter store
    RXLS2-KSRH (1) Racetronics LS2 to LS1 knock sensor extension adapter harness 29.95
    UMI-EP-01111 (1) 90mm mechanical throttle body 549.95
    CE-108115 LS3 LS2 to LS1 throttle body conversion harness 47.95

    You also will need a throttle cable bracket. We have several designs we are working on and will be offering these as a LPE part number soon.

    Optional additional items
    25318411 (1) GM 85mm LS2 MAF Sensor $169.95
    CE-108100 MAF sensor adapter harness 30.95

    Tuning software
    EFI-FS2-T EFI Live V2 Scan and tune PCM programming hardware and software 799.95

    Additional information
    LS2 engines that have a 24x crank sensor trigger wheel the trigger conversion module is not required.
    LS2 & LS7 use the same MAP sensor as the LS1/LS6 so no MAP sensor calibration changes are needed.
    LS3 uses a different calibration MAP sensor that will require calibration changes.
    This engine swap will require custom programming to your PCM.
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    Hello Tim,

    Q: For a LS1 to LS3 conversion on a 1999 fbody, this Lingenfelter LS3, L76, LSA, LS9 Engine Installation Kit list assumes I am implimenting the LS1 controller and LS1 engine harness to run the LS3 does it not?

    Q: For a LS1 to LS3 conversion on a 1999 fbody, if I were to try to use a
    LS3 controller and LS3 engine harness my stock gauges,obdII,ABS,airbags,etc would not work correct?

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      What all do I need to install a LS7 in to my six speed, 2000 Formula WS6? I see some of the aforementioned items are already listed as "LS7".

      I'm still trying to decide if I want to install a LS7 or 6.2 liter based 416.

      Thanks for the insight!

      Take care,