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Lingenfelter 3 Year 36,000 Mile 2010 Camaro SS Supercharger Package Warranty

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  • Lingenfelter 3 Year 36,000 Mile 2010 Camaro SS Supercharger Package Warranty

    The Lingenfelter warranty covers the supercharger components and the engine assembly for 3 years or 36,000 miles. In most cases warranty repairs can be performed at the vehicle owner’s local Chevrolet dealer or by a ASE certified GM mechanic in the customers area. Lingenfelter Performance Engineering does require you to submit an estimate for approval before we will pay for repairs. Each case will be evaluated individually to determine if repairs can be performed correctly at repair facility in your area.

    The installation of a Lingenfelter installed engine package can effect your remaining power train warranty from GM. It is at your dealers discretion if other components such as the transmission or differential unit will be covered by the GM power train warranty. This is the same with all aftermarket installed upgrades. GM does not offer any special considerations in regards to warranty coverage for superchargers installed by specific Magnuson supercharger installers or dealers. Your GM warranty will still cover the rest of the vehicle components not related to the supercharger package.

    From our experience with street tires and proper maintenance the remaining power train components;transmission and differential unit would not be stressed to the point of failure because of the installation of our base supercharger package. Some higher horsepower applications will require clutch upgrades.

    The Lingenfelter version of the supercharger installation does upgrade several components from the Magnuson base kit. Each of these packages are custom tuned so each vehicle will be at a maximum but safe performance level. If the vehicle is registered in California or other area that requires testing we will offer the Magnuson 50 state legal tune and installation procedure that would be covered by the Magnuson California EO number D-488-15.

    Lingenfelter has worked hand in hand with Magnuson through the initial development process leading to the first production units in 2001 of the M112 Corvette supercharger systems. Since then LPE has installed over 400 systems on Corvettes of varying output from base installs up to 750 hp TVS2300’s not to mention other vehicle platforms we work with.

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    The warranty doesn't get any better!