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  • L83 Thermostat

    Hey guys,

    I have been searching for the proper thermostat for the new L83 Ecotec3. From what I understand it may be a different design than the old Gen IV. I seek a 160 degree stat. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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    Lingenfelter GM Gen V DI V8 and V6 Low Temperature Thermostats Coming Soon

    LPE Part #
    L310166914 2014-2015 Gen V V8 & V6 thermostat, 160 degree F
    L310176914 2014-2015 Gen V V8 & V6 thermostat, 170 degree F
    L310186914 2014-2015 Gen V V8 & V6 thermostat, 180 degree F

    Retail: $24.95

    Vehicle Applications:
    - 2014-2015 C7 Corvettes
    - 2014-2015 Sierra, Silverado
    - 2015 Suburban, Yukon XL, Tahoe, Yukon, Escalade

    GM Direct Injection Engine Applications:
    - LT1 6.2L V8 (2014-2015)
    - L86 6.2L V8 (2014-2015)
    - L83 5.3L V8 (2014-2015)
    - LV1 4.3L V6 (2014-2015)
    - LV3 4.3L V6 (2014-2015)

    Fits OEM thermostat housing Part #: 12657137 not inclued

    The Lingenfelter Performance Engineering low temperature thermostats for the new GM direct injection Gen V V8 and V6 engines are designed to reduce engine operating temperature, increasing engine performance. They are a direct fit replacement for the OEM 212 degree F (100 degree C) thermostat.

    The LPE low temperature thermostats are available in three temperature ranges. The 160 degree F version is recommended for racing and marine applications. The 170 degree F is recommended for high performance street vehicle applications. The 180 degree F is recommended for high performance applications that also want to maintain better heater performance in the winter time usually truck and SUV applications.

    Note that the Gen V engines have the thermostat assembly on the hot side or engine out side of the cooling system loop so 170 degree thermostat in the Gen V engine is more similar to a 160 degree thermostat in a Gen III or IV engine where the thermostat was on the cold side or engine inlet side of the cooling system loop.

    - Engine and chassis dynamometer verified performance
    - Direct replacement for the OEM thermostat
    - Fits in the OEM thermostat housing
    - Reduced engine operating temperature (when in thermostat and not fan or airflow limited control)
    - Increased power


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      Thank you for the information, I will keep checking back to see when they are available for order.