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Hummer H3 Alpha 5.3 LH8 help

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  • Hummer H3 Alpha 5.3 LH8 help

    I have a Hummer H3 Alpha 5.3 designated as LH8 Engine. Lingenfelter recommends the GT2-3 cam, and I send in the heads for port polish. I also want to put an edelbrock E-Force supercharger on it. The supercharger lists all the LS1 through LS4, and a few motors that were in the 1500 silverado's and such. The tech couldn't really help me out with compatibility with my Heads, as he wanted to know what the intake port looked like which I have no idea. Should I just find some LSx heads and have them ported just to have a sure compatibility with the supercharger? Does anybody know what the deal is with the LH8 Heads? Supposedly, it's just de-tuned LS? for the smaller Colorado-H3. Any advice on heads swap, Cam? Thanks

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    Can I get some heads off of a 1500 and it work?