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Lingenfelter Displaying Twin Turbo 800 HP LS7 Camaro L28 Package Camaro5Fest 2011

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  • Lingenfelter Displaying Twin Turbo 800 HP LS7 Camaro L28 Package Camaro5Fest 2011

    Lingenfelter will debut its newest creation this weekend at the Camaro5Fest in Chandler Arizona held at the Firebird International Raceway. The 800 Horsepower twin turbo LS7 also features our new L28 Camaro SS body enhancement components.

    The 2010 LS7 Camaro L28 package includes twin GT30R turbochargers in a 7.0-liter V-8 that has an 8.8:1 compression ratio, forged JE pistons, an air-to-air intercooler, a production GM LS7 crankshaft, titanium connecting rods, LS7 cylinder heads with titanium intake valves and Inconel exhaust valves, a Lingenfelter low-temperature thermostat, and custom Lingenfelter coil covers.

    Other features include a Lingenfelter 6-bolt LS9 twin-disk clutch and flywheel assembly, Lingenfelter Camaro SS twin-pump fuel system with Lingenfelter pump controller, heavy-duty half-shafts from Driveshaft Shop, Brembo brake calipers and rotors, a CORSA stainless exhaust, Hotchkis suspension springs, anti-sway bars, and a subframe brace.
    The exterior gets a front-fascia splitter, rocker extensions, a new hood with a functioning air inlet, a rear deck lip and spoiler, and a rear fascia extension. The car gets custom wheels, and Nitto 275/40ZR20 tires up front. There are Nitto 315/35ZR20 tires in back.

    The sideview mirrors are unique, and the interior gets a custom steering wheel to go along with a unique rear view mirror with video display. There are CNC-machined pedal covers and an embroidered interior, among other goodies. There are also unique exterior badges that identify the car as a Lingenfelter.

    The production L28 parts will be available for sale around May 15th.

    Here is a link to our Camaro SS installed packages brochure that has pricing for the components listed on page 18. Download

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    Lingenfelter at the Camaro5Fest 2011 Chandler Arizona

    LPE brought two of the highest horsepower Camaroís to the event. The LPE supercharged/nitrous LS9 powered Camaro could only achieve a 9.90 on the first day of testing. The track never established enough traction for the previous 8 second car to run any faster. The newest Camaro SS offering from LPE was also on display. This 800hp 427 CID twin turbo Camaro generated lots of excitement with its soon to be available L28 body enhancement kit.

    Chevrolet unveiled the 45th Anniversary Edition Camaro in public for the first time last weekend at Camaro5Fest. Also making its first debut outside the autoshow circuit was the 2012 Camaro ZL1 fitted with optional black wheels.

    Camaro5Fest will be remembered by all who attended with stories to tell and bragging rights of a lifetime! A weekend in Chandler, AZ provided the opportunity to enjoy Chevroletís 5th generation Camaro! The event featured drag racing, autocrossing, and many of the aftermarket industries major players.

    Cars, people, location, and weather made this yearís Camaro5 Fest a must attend and one to get on next yearís calendar.


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      nice event to bad i was not there , by the way who is the model next to the black race camaro ?


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        Hey Tim,
        I had a great time metting all of you all in person! LPE is a class act and was there for all their customers, lending a hand where ever needed!! Thanks for a great Fest!


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          Here are some additional photos of the car