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  • - Lingenfelter Cars & Coffee Fort Wayne - August 8, 2015


    Coming this Saturday is a cool opportunity to hang out with a ton of fellow car guys and girls and see some of the neatest Lingenfelter tuned and built machinery around. That’s right, Lingenfelter Cars and Coffee is coming to Ft. Wayne, Indiana for this Saturday and this Saturday only. The whole Cars and Coffee thing has been growing like a weed around the country and it is great. These are wide open gatherings that draw exotics, rat rods, trucks, art cars, and other bizarre creations along with all of the traditional muscle and cool stuff that you would expect to see. The early morning environment gets everyone’s day started off nicely and what’s better than rolling out of bed on a Saturday and right into the seat of your car, right?

    THAT is what Cars and Coffee is about and that is why Lingenfelter is supporting this gathering on Saturday. Remember, Lingenfelter is still headquartered in Indiana and they have deep roots there so this makes lots of sense. We know Mike Copeland over there and we have spent days on end yakking about cars with Ken so we can vouch for the fact that they are two of the hardest core and cool car guys in the country. This is going to be an awesome deal so if you are within a distance of Ft. Wayne….BE THERE!
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