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  • LSXTV.COM - Lingenfelter Hosting Dual Cars and Coffee Events


    Summer is quickly approaching its end, but thereís still celebrations to be had. Thatís because Lingenfelter will be welcoming enthusiasts of all stripes to come down to a Cars And Coffee gathering in Fort Wayne, Indiana, as well as another one in Wixom, Michigan, both taking place at the same time.

    If both of those locations sound familiar, itís because they are well-known industrial landmarks and sites of Big Three manufacturing. The Fort Wayne Assembly plant represents one of GMís stateside truck-making factories, where the half-ton twins Sierra and Silverado are built. Wixom, meanwhile, acted as GMís Performance Build Center from 2005 to 2013, where such high-performance mills as the LS3, LS7, LS9, and the supercharged Northstar LC3 were crafted. Wixom also happens to house Lingenfelterís North Engine Build Facility, where suped-up cars and project cars and customer cars are made.

    Both events are free of charge and transpire from 8-10am on Saturday, August 8th, in both cities. In Fort Wayne, the party will be going off at the SweetCars facility off of West Jefferson Boulevard. On its face, SweetCars is a high-end car sales company with some well-kept automobiles on the lot; underneath, however, its staff is comprised of passionate folks who are excited to chat and hang out with like-minded gearheads. Proceeds raised during the event will go toward the Fort Wayne Childrenís Zoo.

    Meanwhile, the Wixom one will take place at the aforementioned North Engine Build Facility. The doors will open up and allow visitors to check out the building, talk with fellow enthusiasts, and just sit back and enjoy the views. Tim Hortons will provide the java, and all donations will go toward Gleaners Food Bank, a non-profit that provides meals to Detroit citizens.

    Which one will you attend? No matter which one you choose, you can look forward to checking out some sweet rides and having pleasant conversations over some hot coffee. Head on over to Lingenfelterís website and Facebook page to learn more.