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lsx 454 swap into 06 gto

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  • lsx 454 swap into 06 gto

    thinking about 454 upgrade to my 06 gto,but I'm told I would have problems with mating the lsx 454 ecm to the gto (bcm) body control module.any suggestions?

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    I would recommend leaving your production ECM in charge of controlling the engine and get an engine that is designed to work with that ECU. You will need to get the ECU reprogrammed for the new engine though. If you get a 454 LSX crate engine it will be a 58x crank/4x cam timing gear engine and it won't include and ECM or harness (that is an additional cost item). If you get that ECM and harness kit you have to rewire your car and it won't communicate with the other modules in the vehicle.

    The 2005-2006 GTO uses a E40 ECM that is expecting a 24x crank and a 1x cam gear signal. Your options are to disassemble the 454 crate engine and have the crankshaft reluctor switched to a 24x gear and get the rotating assembly rebalanced and re-assemble the engine and change the camshaft timing gear to a 1x timing gear at that time. Your other option is to use our 58x to 24x conversion module and then you don't have to disassemble the engine.

    Another option would be to get a custom engine built that already has the correct crankshaft reluctor and camshaft timing gear. The 454 LSX is a fairly heavy engine due to the cast iron block. Get 417 or 427 aluminum block engine built. Make similar peak power but less low end power (torque) but can likely be done for less money and not weigh so much.