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2004 Corvette LS1 to LS3 swap

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  • 2004 Corvette LS1 to LS3 swap

    Later this year I am going to put a LS376/480 HP 6.2L CrateEngine with HotCam into my 2004 Corvette. I saw the thread for Camaro's Firebirds and GTO's but not Corvettes...What parts do I need?

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    The Corvette would be similar to the Camaro swap with a few changes.

    Here is a list of Lingenfelter parts that will allow you to swap an LS3 engine into a 1997 Corvette. These parts could also be used for L76, LSA and LS9 installs as well.

    Lingenfelter part numbers
    L480080000 (8) Uscar Injector connector kit LS2/LS7 with terminals & seals $26.80
    L460065397 (1) TRG-002 LSX Engine 58x to 24x trigger wheel conversion module 254.95
    CE-109103 (1) LS3 MAP sensor extension adapter harness 36.95
    L270010197 Lingenfelter High Flow Billet Aluminum 90 mm Throttle Body LS1/LS6 999.95

    Also available on Lingenfelter store
    RXC5-KSRH (1) Racetronics LS2 to LS1 knock sensor extension adapter harness 29.95

    You will reuse your Corvette knock sensors with them relocated to the side of the block where the LS3 sensors are. You need to drill out and tap the holes for the LS1 sensors.
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      Thank you for the info...Cant wait for the swap...


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        LS3 Crate Engine Swap into a C5 Corvette

        Updated the product links to our store.


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          Having done this swap in my 2001 C5, and the car ran for two days after tuning. Now, I get no RPM signal from the converter box, and no spark to the coils. What's the fix? Replace the converter box?


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            Hi all, I have a brand new LS3 crate engine in which i want to replace the old LS1 in my 2002 C5 Corvette.
            Could you give a list of parts and prices I need for this conversion.
            Cheers Ivan


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              C5 Corvette LS3 Crate Engine Swap Components Required

              Its the same parts as listed above for the LS3 swap into a 2002 C5 Corvette


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                Okay thanks heaps. Do i have to change the throttle body??