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    I recently caught a speed bump on the wrong angle. It broke the exhaust pipe on the drivers side right in front of the rear end. That's not the problem, when the exhaust tip hit the ground , the tip and a piece of short pipe going to the muffler broke off. The local shops can't replicate as they are tight.It's not the Corsa exhaust. You replaced that when Lingenfelter turned the engine into a 383 stroker with long tube headers. How can I get this this piece from the muffler that bends around and comes out the drivers side. It looks almost like a horseshoe. I have the Lingenfelter build sheet thanks to Tim, but it doesn't specify what exhaust system was used.

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    Let me know the invoice number or ro number off the build sheet and I can see if I can find what was installed on your car.


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      The invoice# is81105 and the RO #is5671. Thanks for anything you can come up with.
      David Heath