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ECM Tuning: Locked or unlocked?

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  • ECM Tuning: Locked or unlocked?

    If I send in my ECM in for programming to match a pulley kit, such as this for CTS-V:, does LPE lock down its tune such that it cannot be opened and adjusted in the future?

    I plan on investing in my own HPTuners setup (wide-band O2 already installed) as part of the fun and learning in this project.
    After a pulley kit install, I'd like to be able to incrementally adjust the tune as-needed, with each additional airmass-increasing mod I make over a long period of time.
    Having to start from scratch at time of next mod, such as headers-- if the LPE tune is locked-down, would be a step backwards for me.

    For that matter, would LPE provide tune files compatible with HPTuners in the alternative to my sending in the ECM for reflashing?

    Thanks in advance.

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    I have learned LPE from LPE that their tunes are not locked down.
    LPE tunes with EFI Live, so no email tunes if you don't own EFILive.